• Main Sewer Line   
  • Kitchen Sink         
  • Bath Sink              
  • Bathtub/Shower  
  • Toilet                    
  • Laundry Drain      
  • Floor Drain           
  • Dishwasher Drain
  • Septic Lines
  • Grease Traps
  • Video Inspections 
  • Line Locating        
  • Hydro Jetting        
  • Roof Vent Access  
  • Drain Field Rehab 
  • Maintenance Plans 

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Aproximately 50% of the drains we clean are main sewer lines - with over 90% of them clearing in an hour or less.

Smaller lines, such as kitchen and bath sinks, showers and tubs, garbage disposals, and dishwasher drains make up about 22% of our calls.

The remainder of our calls include things such as grease traps, clogged toilets, camera and locating services, digging, and hydro-jetting, and work performed on a maintenance basis.